I’m coming out….

 ….of the vegan closet that is.


Yes, rumo(u)r has it and it’s so very true. The big announcement you’ve all been desperately waiting for…I’ve gone Vegan.

As you’ve probably seen on my Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat (ALL of which you should already be following me on), since New Years, there may or may not have been a few annoying posts about the how animal agriculture is wasting away our environment featuring some instaporn probably involving some form or version of the hashtag #vegan, #forThePlanet, or #avocado.

Well it happened. I’m vegan. I’ve made the switch and the grass is definitely greener on the other side (see what I just did there?…..I said grass.  And greener.).  I didn’t say anything right away for fear of not sticking to it which I am notorious for.

“You won’t last a week”
“What about cheese? It’s your favo(u)rite? CHEEEEESE??”
“How long do you plan on doing this for?”
“Is this like a phase?”

I am 63 days into my new lifestyle and there’s no going back now. In fact, the longer I do it, the more it makes sense. I can assure you all, there is life after cheese.

You see, I’ve never been one to express my opinions about things that go on in the world but I am my mother’s daughter and if anyone knows her, an ex-middle school science teacher, she’s a sucker for animals and the environment. Once, we accidentally killed a squirrel while driving. So, she pulled over, half blocking traffic, picked it up, brought it to the side and gave it a proper burial. I never told her about the time I hit a bunny. On the Saturday. Before Easter.
So, after watching Cowspiracy (a documentary about the effects animal agriculture has on the environment) with my food-loving partner in crime, I could no longer turn a blind eye. I’m stepping over to the plant-based lifestyle of veganism and that’s that.

These past two months have flown by.  I’ve followed every vegan website, facebook page, instagram, twitter, everything… I’ve never been so informed about this. Maybe I’m too informed?


But let me tell you a few things I have learned so far…..

1. It is not as hard as it looks.
As I explained my good friend Pagie (and my number one fan) – who by the way made a very short lived attempt at becoming vegan (props to you boo), the first week or so is probably the hardest part.  But it’s only hard because we are are creatures of habit.  We do what we are familiar with. And no one realizes how much animal products you eat, until you stop. Meat and dairy is virtually in everything we eat that is processed or comes in a package. And if you think about it, how much dairy would we have to produce to keep up with just what’s in your kitchen? Imagine your city.  Now, the world. Oh yeah, now think of 3 billion more of us in 50 years…all with a high demand of meat.  Where will all of it from?

2. No matter what, there will always be SOMEONE who will want to challenge your views.
It doesn’t happen all the time but often, as soon as someone finds out you’re vegan, they automatically want to challenge you. Prove that you are wrong. To some people, your new diet offends them (God knows why). Like my boyfriend’s dad. Everyday he asks me,

“How long are you going to keep up with this silly phase?”

And everyday I tell him,

“…for however long it pisses you off….”  hahahahahaha.

Drops mic.

In all seriousness, just brush your shoulders off, and politely stick to your delicious vegetable guns. Who knows, you may convert someone in the meantime.

3. Food shopping is more exciting.
As you all know, I currently live with my boyfriend’s parents (hence the romantic Valentine’s dinner for three the other week) so Mommy Franco usually does all the shopping. But once a week I still go out and make the rounds grabbing “bits and bobs” and weird “vegan” foods. Food shopping now is an amazing experience.  I shop by colo(u)rs now. Bit of orange, red, green, purple, blue, brown…. I literally look in my basket to see what colo(u)r I’m missing and then try and find it. Chances are, there is a delicious vegan recipe for it.

When people ask me, “What do you eat?” I usually respond with “What don’t I eat?” and then drop another mic and walk away.

4. I am still lazy. Just less lazy.
There are days I prefer to feed my House of Cards addiction than cook a full course veggie meal. Just like there are days when you don’t feel like cooking. So yeah, sometimes I heat up a schnitzel and some green beans and be done with it. I’m no hero.

5. I have saved so much money.
I really have. People say all the time, “yeah but being vegan is so expensive”. Oh? What about that leg of lamb? I’m sorry, is your filet mignon less expensive than my avocado and quinoa kale salad?  I seriously doubt that.

I need another mic to drop.

PS. You also are kind of forced to bring lunch to work. Otherwise you will have to eat at Moo for the third time in a week. Hence, no more spending money at lunch time.

6. I am not perfect.
I know, I know. Shocker!
In all seriousness (I think I’ve said that twice tonight), this world ain’t perfect, so you can’t expect to be perfect yourself. The other day I read the small print of my favo(u)rite chips/crisps (Baked Lays).  It read “Made in a factory that also handles milk, wheat, gluten, barley, celery and mustard.” WTF am I supposed to do about that???  I still dunno. The point is, however, to be aware and conscious of your choices. Of what you are putting in your body.  Since when is it okay that we don’t need to know how or where our food was made?

Anywho, this is still new to me, even though I already feel like a veteran, so bear with me while I get better and better at this. Please feel free to follow my journey of tasty vegan food and super cute fashionism.

Last but not least, check out my pinterest board (below) which I have slowly filled with amazing recipes of which 50% I’ve tried and cooked again and again over the past 63 days.  Don’t forget to show the love and support (Page).

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Let’s get real #HappyValentinesDay


As I sit in front of my computer and stare at a blank wordpress canvas, I wonder how in sam hell I’m gonna pick back up from two months of unapologetic blogger absenteeism #sorrynotsorry. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been dreading this moment for a while. Mostly because the mere thought of having to update you all (as in, all eleven of you) on the past eight weeks frightens me.


Let’s focus on the here and now. It’s Valentine’s Day. What better day to have a heartfelt, moment of truth on today’s post? Have I got your attention now? Good. I would like to start off by reminding everyone (again, all eleven of my readers) that I started this blog not only as means to temporarily escape from my number crunching, administrative job as a financial manager but to also prove to myself that I also have a creative side. It was supposed to be filled with my travel chronicles, happening places in my hood, recaps on What I Wore, good eats, music, photo eye candy. Basically all things cool.

Then I moved to an island where absolutely nothing happens.

In efforts to keep my anecdotal blog alive, somehow, little by little, I started narrowing my focus down to what most would call a personal style blog – a “niche” that you can hardly call a niche nowadays when there are twenty one hundred, thousand, million other blogs out there doing the exact same thing. And in the midst of trying to please the world of personal style with stunning photos and immense fashion banter about who the hell knows, I lost focus. So much that I started dreading writing.

That just ain’t right.

So today, I’m here to take back my blog. I’m ready to tell you the real story. Take real photos, recount my humdrum life here on the island. Like the fact that I’ve spent Valentine’s Day weekend alone…with my in-laws. Yip. I did. And it was bloody lovely.

So here’s to starting fresh. Being real.  And showing it to the world.

Feeeuuuu! I feel like I’ve lifted a million pounds off my shoulders. It took me two months to write this? Anywho, thanks for listening (reading?). And stay tuned my (eleven) readers, for I have a not-so-surprising announcement to make!

(No I’m not pregs).


shop report

Lunch time shopping is more dangerous than it sounds. The New Look in town has two very cheeky entrances; one on King Street, and another that leads basically right out to my office.
Thought process of lunchtime shopping:

“Let’s just take this short cut through New Look”, she said.

“Oh I’ll just try on these three things”, she said.

“Oh dear, it’s 1:30 I need to go back to the office! Should I buy this?! Ohmagerd-it’s-late-there’s-no-time-to-decide-ah-jeez-I’m-in-the-queu-ah-jeez-oh-and-now-I’ve-spent-£50.”…she said.

It’s a daily struggle.

And as if my closest rack didn’t have a healthy enough bend to it, here’s the shop report of my findings this week and how to put them together (at least how I would).

The Super Wide Leg Trouser/pant.


I’m in love with this chic, sophisticated look. Apart from the fact that the make your legs look ridiculously long, it’s a super classy look that you can take from day to night with a top swap.

The Faux Fur Scarf


I did a double take in the mirror at myself  when I put this on. Winter is coming, so I better look good when it gets here. The faux fur scarf is a great alternative for those who feel a bit like a yeti in a full on fur coat. It’s also the fastest way to turn your boring “I-had-nothing-clean-to-wear t-shirt and jeans” into a “look-at-me-I’m-edgy” ensemble. Like such as….

 The Sleeveless Jacket

 Ahhhh the sleeveless jacket, yet another accessory that gives your outfit a super boost with virtually no effort. While standing in line at clothing shops, I often think of all the reasons why I shouldn’t buy what’s in my hand. The shorter the line, the less time I have to convince myself of how terrible of a fashion investment I’m making.

– “For crying out loud! What good is a sleeveless winter coat?!”
-“Shut up, it’s boss! I need this.”